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  • You must be 18 years or older to attend The Hudson Project.
  • Must present a valid, state-issued photo ID to gain entry into the festival.

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact our official ticketing providers, Flavorus! or call 1-855-2-FLAVOR (352867)


Don’t have the money to purchase a ticket outright? Use our payment plan option to break down the price of admission into manageable chunks!

Choose the “Payment Plan” option before you checkout to set up a payment installment agreement. You’ll be charged the initial payment at the time of checkout. Subsequent payments will be automatically withdrawn on April 15th, May 15th and June 1st until the payment plan is complete.

  • All payments are handled through Flavorus
  • Tickets purchased under the payment plan are non-refundable, unless the event is canceled or postponed.
  • Partial payments, defaults on payments and refusal to uphold the terms and conditions of the payment plan are grounds for ticket forfeiture and payments made will not be refunded.
  • In the event of a lost or stolen card, you have the option to update your credit card on file by logging in to your Flavorus account, going to your purchase history and clicking on the “Details” link to the right of your order. From there you can check the status of your payment and update the credit card on file. If you need help, please email or call 1-855-2-FLAVOR (352867)

Payments will be automatically withdrawn from the credit card used to set up the payment plan. Refusal to pay your monthly agreement, default on payments or failure to update your payment option will result in cancellation of your order, loss of deposit and any payment made prior to default. If your payment is not made in full by the 10th day after the initial charge is run, your order WILL BE CANCELLED and you will forfeit all monies paid up to that point to offset your default. The credit card used to purchase the ticket will be automatically charged on these dates, it is your responsibility to see if your card was charged. If you don’t see a charge or need to change your credit card info, then contact Flavorus by emailing or calling 1-855-2-FLAVOR (352867).